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The Vicar's Pele at Corbridge

5th February, 2015

Visitors to Yew Tree Cottage will want to go to Corbridge, a village nearby along the Tyne Valley.

During the 15th and 16th centuries, the inhabitants of the Borders had to live in a state of constant alert for raids, and for self-protection, those who could afford it built special fortified houses and towers.

The Vicar's Pele is one such building and dates from about 1318. You can see it within the church yard of Saint Andrews at Corbridge.
With its three-storeys, the Pele tower was used as the vicarage. Stone was transported from the Roman site nearby and it was in use until the early 17th century. Some of the adjacent church is also constructed with stone from the Roman site and clues to the stone’s source is evident on the outside of the building.

The Pele has recently been sold and its interior is largely empty – however you can find part of a shop called ‘Vintage at the Tower’ in the lower floor. Look out for the barrel-vaulted ceiling which is characteristic of such structures.

Corbridge is within easy reach of Riding Mill, the location of Yew Tree Cottage holiday home.

Photo: Vicar's Pele

Vicar's Pele

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